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White Hat Link Building Agency

We are a Link Building company, whose main focus is on White Hat Link Building. We work with small to medium size businesses who would like to improve their traffic and search engine ranking through our link building services.

We are a small powerful team, all decisions we make use data backed up by science, correlation and real-time analysis. Our data-backed research will ‘move the needle’ in your rankings and traffic in your favour.

We have created internal systems and processes which allows us to move quicker often rivalling much bigger link building companies.

Our Services

Our SEO Link building services are an ongoing monthly strategy planned and fulfilled by us, It has two aims,

The first aim is to generate referral traffic enabling people to click on your link and buy your product or services.

The second aim is to improve your organic rankings allowing more customers to find you naturally.

  • We help you stand out in front of your competitors, by taking the heavy lifting off your team and building links efficiently.
  • We like to work with decision-makers, this allows us to work quickly and dynamically.
  • Our approach is straight forward, we build links allowing you to carry on running your business.
  • We know what we are capable of. We know what works and that allows us to remove the guesswork from what we do.
  • We follow a proven system with every campaign.
  • When we work with you, you have our full and undivided attention.  

Why You Need Yoho Marketing’s Services

  • You have a website, You have completed your On page Seo and just need traffic.
  • You create all your content in-house but need great inbound links.
  • You are a marketing person and know what backlinks are and the value of getting them.
  • You are aware of the value of doing things correctly with a long term view, for the business.
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Case Study

65 links built in 6 months, a mixture of do-follow, no-follow, including contextual backlinks in a competitive niche, resulting in an increase of 390% in organic traffic.

Google only ranks websites that are high quality and is moving away from link volume to link relevancy. This is what our company specialises in.  

If you would like to increase your traffic, we have a proven system.

Why Yoho Marketing

  • Transparency – everything we do is recorded into a Google Sheet, providing you with real-time access. You can see our process unfold as we work on your campaign.
  • Personal – if you have any questions regarding the campaign or need to update us on anything related to your website you can contact us via email or on the phone.
  • Patience – every link we build is done via personal outreach, we only reach out to sites that we know will benefit your business. Everything we do is aimed at getting the correct relevant link pointing to your site.
  • We only work with excellent content and that means the content on your website and the content on websites we reach out to. If your quality isn’t that great and you would like to improve it, we can work with you to create outstanding content. If your focus is not on quality but quantity then we are probably not a good fit.
  • Efficiency, We have refined a system that works well for us, once we have you onboard and Google Analytics setup, we will work to fulfil what we promised in an efficient and timely manner.
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You can see our complete process for link building here.

Our Process

  • We first take time to understand your goals
  • We analyse your website to see your best content, including incoming links.
  • We build a project plan and select the keywords and pages that you would like to see improved in the search engines.
  • We find nice relevant websites that would help with referral traffic and improve your keyword rankings
  • We use your own content or we can write content to place on these websites with a natural link back to your site.

Digital Search Services

Outreach Link Services

In our agency we only build links from top sites, we go through a strict review process to ensure every site we build links on, meets our stringent metrics.

Manual Links

Our Company only manually builds links, We reach out to each site, building a relationship with the site owner. We do not use any automated software, we have full control to remove any links in the future if we need to.

Link Audit Services

We look at incoming links and provide a complete audit, of the good, the bad and the ugly.

Tailored Link Building Campaign

We are a seo agency that can tailor your campaign to create the perfect package for you.


The backbone of any campaign is compelling content, our company can help you come up with ideas for content or we could create this content for you. Good content makes finding link partners much easier. Our writers know how to create content that readers like including infographics.  

Backlinks Monitoring

Once we have built a link, we place it in our link monitoring system. If the link gets removed we will replace it with a new one.

Penalty Proof Links

Every link we build has passed Google algorithm updates. We monitor Google’s Algorithm on a daily and weekly basis to track and see what changes are being made or updated. We have been through many Google updates and have never been affected.

We Help Your Business Grow Through Our Services

Organic Traffic is the key to growing your business, once you have you’re on page configured correctly, all that is needed is good quality links. With our linking building system, we can help bring traffic to your business and increase your ROI. Our bespoke link building agency provides brilliant traffic for you.

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6 Reasons people like working with YoHo Marketing

Qualified and Experienced

We are an experienced link building company, we approach every campaign with the same ethos. Work Hard and be Transparent. Through experience, we have found what works and what doesn’t. When we apply our experience to our services we know the results will be excellent, just what we would expect.

Commercially Minded

We understand that time is money. That’s why we have invested in our processes. We can scale as quickly as needed to bring our client’s results and increase their ROI.


We are friendly and caring. If you need advice on optimising your website, we can help. If you have link building questions we can answer them all during the campaign. We have created an FAQ that contains all the questions asked by our customers before they came on board.

Quality Signals

We only provide quality work, we ensure all content created is top quality and passes our internal checklist before releasing it to linking targets. We only target quality websites and make sure they pass our internal link metrics before we place a link on them.

Provide Honest Business Reporting

Our reports are live and available to you 24 hours a day. You have a live view of how we work and the scale we are working too.

100% Customer Focused

We provide a onboarding process for all customers, where we explain our process and how we work. As part of the onboarding process, we send a checklist through of the data we need to provide the service.


If you are a growing agency and need to scale we can help, please get in touch for our services.